The simplest way to manage your organization’s communication, collaboration and compliance needs.

Save time and money by streamlining and automating complex credentialing, tracking, training, compliance and accountability processes.

Connected and Collaborative

Variable provides multi-lateral communication between employees and employers as well as across departments, organizations and regulatory agencies.

Peace of Mind

By eliminating the guesswork involved in credentialing, compliance and more, Variable mitigates liability and increases peace of mind.

Easy to Use

Our intuitive, easy to navigate user interface encourages compliance and accountability at all levels of an organization.

How Variable Helps Your Organization

Policy Acknowledgments

Have Variable take care of making sure your staff have all seen and acknowledged the company's policies.

Credential Tracking

Variable will help you ensure that the right people are in the right places and your company is well protected.

Succession Planning

Using machine learning, Variable can quickly search your staff for a credential set that will assist in succession planning or potential company expansion. Variable can also identify affects on your organization if you remove a key individual.

Audit Reporting

Variable contains a detailed history of your organization. As the organization changes and employees come and go you will never lose any information in Variable.

Our Team

Lonnie MacKenzie
Brennan Lott
Tyson Liske
VP Growth & Development
Marcy Kuntz
Rick Caudill
Product Development Lead